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Saturday 25 September 2021

Scarlett and Summer Feeding the Ducks and Swan cygnets

 Photographer by Yahna my daughter, and  granddaughters.


  1. Hello, Bob
    Cute series, your granddaughters are having fun feeding the ducks.
    Take care, have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely images for the Family Album of Scarlett and Summer feeding the ducks.

    Do continue to Take Care and Stay Safe Bob.

    Regards Pete.

  3. Hi Bob.

    Beautiful Bob.
    These are the beautiful things in life.

    Greetings from Patricia.

  4. Such sweet kids...lovely to see them

  5. Me alegra veros Bob. Un buen día en compañía de tus nietas.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Abrazos para los tres 🙅

  6. Hi Bob! Lovely photos. Really domesticated birds,-)

  7. Hi Bob.

    These are the future birders of Great Britain!
    It's a great family walk Bob.
    Kisses and be well.

  8. Hola Bob,fotos muy lindas de tus nietas alimentando a los patos lo ideal de enseñarles el amor por las aves para iniciarles en este mundo magnifico de las aves como tanto le gusta a su abuelo.Un saludo y feliz fin de semana.

  9. It looks like a wonderful day out for you all. Please thank your daughter for us.

  10. Hello Bpb.
    Absolutely delightful, we can all think back to being young and the delight in feeding the ducks , especially when they came close. You must be very proud of your beautuful Grand daughters and your daughter.
    Best wushes.

  11. Bob, just stopping back again to say thanks for linking up and sharing your post. It is fun spending time with the grandchildren. Wishing you a happy new week.

  12. What wonderful photos! You can always enjoy nature more with little ones. These girls are precious...but you know that I'm sure!

  13. Those are photos to cherish forever, Bob. Utterly beautiful! Take good care and stay safe - - - Richard

  14. Hi Bob,
    Quality time!!!And how cozy!
    Happy weekend,

  15. Wonderful photos Bob :-D Your grand-daughters look like they are having fun. I take my daughter to feed our local ducks and she loves it and nature. Important to teach the kids about nature and wildlife.

    Great Video, funky and groovy. Jerry was a legend :-D I am listening to Northwinds by David Coverdale just now.

  16. Heartwarming photos! Stay well.

  17. I have a great grandson now... But he won't be feed the ducks for another 2 or 3 years. That goose looks like it's wearing Nikes.

  18. Hi Bob,
    What a great family outing with your granddaughters and your daughter.
    I can see you enjoying.
    Greetings Irma

    1. Yes Irma, I was enjoying my granddaughters, they are the best.

  19. Bellas escenas familiares, Bob, fotografías con mucha ternura.


  20. Hello Bob,:=) These photos are special, creating Wonderful memories of your day out with your pretty grand daughters. They are learning about nature at an early age, and I can also see you are enjoying being with them, and perhaps teaching them about the ducks. Many thanks to your daughter for these fine pictures.:=)

  21. Such charming photos! Great photography and most beautiful subjects.

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  23. I did enjoy seeing these lovely photographs that your daughter took.
    What wonderful memories of your day out with your grand-daughters... special times.

    All the best Jan

  24. Lindas fotografías, tys nietas son muy lindas . Te mando un beso

  25. oh wat een mooie herrinneringen

  26. Your grandkiddos are ADORABLE, Bob.

    Such precious memories of your day out with them.

  27. Bob, these are very beautiful photos. The granddaughters grew up.

  28. Przyjemnie być z wnukami w parku. Ładne dziewczynki i ładne łabędzie.
    Pozdrawiam, Anna-Pawanna

  29. Bob - I love nature photos, but what I love even more is seeing children in nature. We need them if we have any hope whatsoever!

  30. Hello Bob, so nice to see you with your grand daughters. Lovely photos!

  31. What beautiful photos Bob.
    You will be proud of your granddaughters and daughter.
    Good memory.

  32. Tus nietas son preciosas. Besos.

  33. your granddaughters look enjoy to feed ducks and swans....

    great shots

    # Have a wonderful weekend to all of you