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Friday 5 August 2011

Anything goes.........................

I couldn't take any pictures today as it wasn't nice weather, so, here are few things to peruse over.
 Rock Dove, hiding behind a saucepan
 And this one, is it a snake or something "slower"
 A Yellowhammer (It is the first time I've seen one. But, it was a long distant from me)
 Stock Dove
Music is: Richard Thompson - Gethsemane ( )


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures Bob, the last one is superb.

  2. good collection of ''bits and pieces' Bob :-)

  3. I love these images Bob !
    snakes are beautiful !
    wish you a wonderful weekend

  4. cool slithery snake through the grass...too bad his head didn't pop up...

    you've got some really nice 'anything goes' shots there!!

  5. Beautiful collection, Bob, but I'm petrified when I see a snake. Even if it's such a good photo as yours!

  6. That dove is sure strutting his stuff! Wow!

  7. Wonderful Bob... I am so lucky I get to see (or at least hear) Yellowhammers quite often...
    I love the call...
    "a little bit of bread and no cheeeese"

  8. ჱܓ
    Uma linda série de imagens.
    Não tenho medo... no meu país tem várias espécies de víboras. Essa nem parece ser venenosa... não é colorida.

    Bom fim de semana! ჱܓ

    °º✿ Brasil.
    º° ✿✿♥ ° ·.

  9. Oh no, so, is a Yellowhammer poisoneous Bob? I would not desire to be near any snake, of any kind, if I did not have to be. The Pigeons are great, love their colourations. Have a splendid weekend, stay well~

  10. They're great shots, Bob, but I have mixed feelings on a couple.

    I went round and round with a pigeon infestation in one of the buildings I managed a few years back. When I saw that first frame two things sprang to mind: 1) Flying rat! and 2) Where are the cross hairs ion that flying rat? Their droppings present a serious health concern and it took months and a lot of money to finally get rid of the flock.

  11. Excellent set Bob, except for the snake ;-)

  12. Hi Bob...yes today I am slow ,and I didn't have time to listen to what's he names song lol....and remember this I don't like anything that looks remotely like a snake : }}
    Other than all that I liked you r post!!
    Have a great weekend

  13. hmmm you didn't get the snakes head on the pic??? loved the bird pics!


  14. you are very modest-this is a very good series of animals' pictures!

  15. Bob, think you may have a very rare snake. A Smooth Snake.

  16. The first snake i "see" in the the singing bird in your last photo, so lovely!

  17. Nice series from you. The last one got to be my favorite. Have a nice weekend to you.

  18. Bob, the snake has a ridge on it's scales so as usual I don't know. Rob Warda near neighbour of yours will.