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Thursday 13 January 2011

Eider Ducks

And now, there are 350 people were killed in Brazils floods. Sri Lanka has also added to death toll. More than 300000 people have been forced out of their homes by flooding. When is it going to stop?

Is it climate change?

There are now 135108 people that have signed the petition against selling our forests. Save our forests


  1. It is all very sad! Nature can be the most beautiful and peaceful thing to enjoy and then it can turn on a dime, and be so destructive and it is always the innocents that I feel so badly for, as well as loss of animals too. Your images are quite lovely~ Have a good day~

  2. very, very nice fotos...
    I agree with Mary... this animals are so innocent .

  3. I think that not only animals and birds are suffering because of changing in weather but all of us!
    Here in Romania, we have a lot of problems too!
    Yesterday a Dead bird phenomenon triggers panic in Romania as well: Dozens of dead birds found in Constanta, next to the Black Sea!
    People got scared since such phenomena happen everywhere around the globe lately and specialists have not yet discovered the reason. Residents say the birds died in only a few minutes. They practically fell from the sky!
    Eh, anyway!
    I have never seen such ducks like in your images!
    What faces! ha ha

  4. you are a master taking good pictures of birds - well done

  5. Great shots of the Eider Bob.

    There are certainly some tragedies happening around the world at the moment.

  6. To add to the puzzle there is snow and ice on the ground in 49 of our 50 states; all except Florida! Some of these states rarely get snow and have little or no equipment for dealing with it.

  7. Very nice pictures! I like them a lot.

  8. Excellent photos Bob!

    Our wonderful Republicans don't believe in climate change and are going to hold hearings with their own "professionals"(re:lobbyists)to tell us the they see it.

    It's getting very scary.

  9. Bob,
    It used to be once a long time for news of flood but now it is almost everyday. So much so that, people just say "oh! another flood".. and that's it. Politicians are blind, People are ignorant. I do my part by planting more green in and outside my house, and also with photography....

    Best wishes

  10. Great serie Bob, love the male...such a nice bird!

  11. Eiders are so handsome! They breed around the island where I live in the summer. I just love them!! Good luck with your petition, Bob. You are almost there. Hope it helps! ~karen

  12. Yes, it is terrible what is happening there ...

    Servus says

  13. Hi Bob,
    Beautiful pictures you got and I love the low angle.. I still did not manage to see one this year, can you imagine that ;-)
    Concerning your first sentence, well, I agree it is sad, but I wonder sometime if nature does not take its revenge against our society... Although I found disgusting that this flood and accident most of the time does not happen to people that are exhausting are planet!!

  14. your photos are exquisite. hope these sad tragedies will come to an end soon.

  15. Bravo por el comentario, bravo por esas bellísimas fotos. Greetings from Barcelona,

    Ramón García Durán

  16. It will stop when people refrain from cutting down the trees, and living on the flood plains!!