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Monday 29 November 2010

As yet, there more of the Redwings (FOD)

This one has been ringed, can who knows the place he/she came from. It reads F3 on one side and the other side theres 94, but I couldn't get in far enough.
                                         And this is one for you Dave.

As you can see, there are still lots of berries, yum yummy.


  1. Shame you couldn't get all the numbers on the ring Bob. We could have got its lifes history from sending the info to the BTO.

  2. Looks like you are getting in the same location as we do, in these nice berries trees! Beautiful collection Bob...

  3. Great shots Bob. They are lovely birds to see.

  4. I just adore when the birds are eating these lovely berries, they make for such delightful images~

  5. I love to see the birds eating berries ! really beautiful !

  6. the comment on my blog Bob!

    It may be feels plenty of time, we haven't spoke each other. I hope your feeling well. Who is the lady that speak to me and puts things up that are yours?

    I am sorry but you have completely lost me,

  7. Well, for sure I have never seen this bird eating berries!
    Great, wonderful images!
    Please have a great week, Bob!
    Best regards!

  8. Nice fotomodel... prima photo's Bob.

    greetings, Joop

  9. Yes Warren, if only.

    Lovely berries help the Redwings Chris.

    They are Keith.

    So do I Mary.

    Marty, I love them also.

    Tony, read

    I will have a great week, and you also Wind.

    Thanks for fotomodel Joop.

  10. Great serie, they seem to enjoy those fruit ;)

  11. They seem to like them Dominic.

    Thanks Adrian.

  12. Fantastic shots! Love the movement!
    And, of course, I'm a sucker for birds :D

  13. Such beautiful birds! I wish I had more berries in my garden to attract them. Lovely photos Bob.

  14. These look real close to our robins here in the states. I think with the 1st few numbers you may find who had those numbers on a registry.It is fun to catch a bird you have already banded.What great shots, I had fun going through a few posts.

  15. Splendid!
    Never too much Redwings:)

  16. Lovely set Bob. There are hundreds near to me at the moment but I can't get anywhere near them.

  17. Wonderful series, I really like the framing, all very beautiful.