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Sunday 29 August 2010

My journey through the country side.

Speckled Wood butterfly in the grass.
Small Copper butterfly
The Pheasant running or should I have said walking away from me, unfortunately he went and hid someplace where he thinks that I wouldn't find him. He was wrong, down along the way that I traveling along, I found him, I just was surprised as he shot off a few metres away.
A pear planted out in the country, I wonder who did it.A Ladybird.
The Greenfinch hiding.
Gatekeeper butterfly getting old, ohhhhhh!
Apple tree in the country, again somebody who likes them.


  1. Hi Bob, it's great to be back and able to enjoy your lovely photos. You're right, sadly some of the butterflies are looking a little the worse for wear now.

    Great shot of the Pheasant and the apples and pear definitely look good enough to eat :)

  2. Congratulations for your blog. Beautifull pictures, all of them. Could you allow us to show one of them in our blog from Brazil, and spread your work in our country?

  3. Nice Autumn flavoured pics Bob. reckon those fruit trees may have been part of a long gone orchard

  4. I feel the autumnin the air Bob! Love all images,but this time my favourite is the one with apples - lovely:)

  5. Good evening Bob, thank you for this gorgeous late-summer-walk. It is a pleasure to look at your pictures ... I take an apple and stay a while ...


  6. Great new header image Bob and some fabulous images.

  7. Hi Jan, it is a life of butterflies, ah, it happened every year.

    Dom, I should think so, as long there is nothing bad about them.

    I don't think so Warren, I know the man who is really did this, it was another 15 years before he'd have the pleasure.

    Your love of apples is my favourite Joo.

    Good evening to you as well Isabella, and you desire an apple, I don't blame you.

    Thanks Angie, you like my header, great.

  8. Lovely sights of your country journey.
    I love that Pheasant Bob. My favourite bird.

  9. Hello bob

    my compliments for your very nice blog,I enjoy to see these pictures.

    Greetings, Joop

    From now on I will follow you, and will therefore govern a moderate reaction to give you pictures.

  10. Thanks Keith, the Pheasant is one of my favorites.

    Glad to meet you Joop, I will be a follower of yours.