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Sunday 11 July 2010

A day at the Speech House woodlands.

This Toad is half the size of the adult.
Migrant Hawker, I think. Funny how it landed on a tree.
All of these, I'm a bit hesitant. So I leave it up to you!


  1. Superb, something different than bird. I can not do that ;-) I love the toad picture even if it is half size of an adult!

  2. A nice walk in the park!

  3. Toad is camouflaged so well and I love the look in his eye. Nice job Bob on this lovely variety of photos! Are the red berries called choke cherries? I always wondered what they were. You captured the red in them very nicely.

  4. The last is rose of Sharon,
    you have the wild cherry tree Pipes where made from this wild cherry tree bob, I made one from a trree that was overgrown and i pruned it kept the wood for 3 years and made pipe from the wood, made for a nice taste in the pipe untill the wood got burnt, its also said the Indian made the peace pipe from its wood,
    the small plant looks like mulberry . but not sure.

  5. Good, varied selection Bob.
    I think the dragon is a Common Hawker ;)

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  7. I like the Toad as well Chris.

    Dave, a nice walk and/or a scooter (Tramper).

    Linda, it is well camouflaged, and in your country it very likely to be choke cherries, over here it's wild cherry. But, I'm not sure.

    Tony, so it is a Indians peace pipe.

    Thanks Keith, your theory is common.

  8. I like them all Bob especially the toad. Also all the photos on the previous posts which I have just caught up with. Your photography is really superb!