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Saturday 29 May 2010

Any old things will bring them back.............

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Ah, he's hiding from the one who knows what I am.
Canada Goose
It rained nearly all day, or it was dark, too dark for photographers.


  1. Persistent rain here too, Bob :(

    Lovely photos again, I have those Cornflowers growing in my garden. Love the GSW, another one I can't get!

    Also nice to see the Dingy Skipper, the photos were great and a lot better than I could manage. The Bb Chaser was lovely too.

    The last I heard, Keith was taking a bit of a break due to his health etc.

  2. Nice photos Bob Keith will be back and he is OK.

  3. Yes, you've had a bit of it, rain. And, thanks for telling me about Keith.

    Adrian, I, like many, have wondered about Keith, what you have said, that he's coming back. Thank you.

  4. We also, the weather is one to despair!
    How good that you have such beautiful pictures in the drawer!