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Monday 26 April 2010

Oh spring, it has sprung itself, again.

It looks like spring, it feels like spring and we are into Spring.


  1. You have all the makings of spring there Bob.
    Good time of year as the sycamore buds come out to make yourself a whistle. I always made a whistle for the children and the grandchildren.
    out of a 1/4" stem of green proqkwood,roxioit

  2. No doubt about it Bob, everything is coming alive at last..enjoy.

  3. Hi Bob! I noticed that you take photos at Lydney Marshes, but I've never heard of them! Where abouts are they? Would love to go there and take some photos! Katie

  4. Wow spring has sprung!!! No the case here the temps are still negative in the morning. Beautiful set of pictures Bob!

  5. Great signs of spring Bob.
    Yup, it's here. :)

  6. Tony, a nice thing to do, making a whistle.

    Thanks Frank, the spring has started, yippee.

    Hi Kate, let me explain, they are called that, because in 100 years ago, it used to get flooded by the river severn, so I don't want to deceive you. It does get a little wet. Yet, that's why you can't find it. Only on maps.

    Chris, I feel sorry for you, but, it's what you think that counts. I believe that everyone has what he/she wants.

    Keith, we are so happy.

  7. At last Bob! Spring is lovely:)

  8. You are getting philosophical Bob.
    Lovely images.

  9. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.