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Saturday 6 February 2010

Robin and a Bullfinch at wild Lydney

A morbid day, but I didn't mind that much. The Bullfinches kept cropping up, but, not too close. I'll get one of them soon, I think!


  1. The photo of Bullfinch is terrific Bob! It's difficult to take photo of this lovely birds here - there are couple of them in the forest near my home, but.... they are not very willing to pose!

  2. Hi Joo, I find it hard to photograph. I would like to get a better shot of him if I could get a bit nearer.

  3. Nice shots of both birds. Your birds are totally different from our species by the same names.

  4. They are for me the winter stars, the bullfinch.

    The robins one must love simply. We have one in our garden, that lives with a blackbird in a wild marriage. But a bullfinch, that would be what - as a magical bird in the garden. Years ago we stayed at nearby a park and I had two feeders, one morning were indeed 7!! bullfinches at this place and I had no camera ... so it remains only a story.

    A nice start into the new week


  5. Your robins are quite different from ours! And a Bullfinch...well, I didn't think they were really real! Amazing shots of some pretty neat little birds. Glad I found your blog! ~karen