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Thursday 4 February 2010

Paper Kite butterfly (Idea leuconoe) at Symonds Yat

It was a bad day, I couldn't go photographing, so I did the weeks shopping. It was tonight that both of them, daughter and my son came to see me. And Yahna, daughter, had come around to cook me a delicious meal to eat, tonight seemed to be an Indian (no meat) from a Quorn recipe. I, and my son really thought that it was fantastic, my daughter didn't like it. Never mind.


  1. Very nice photos Bob.
    We had an Indian tonight too (although ours included meat!). Been grey, miserable & raining ALL day here so needed some comfort food!
    PS - Thanks for signing the petition.

  2. Lovely butterfly! Wow, Bob I love Indian (vegetarian) food - lucky you to enjoy it:)

  3. Hi Sharon, the Indian was lovely. A petition worth a purpose.

    Joo, you like Indian vegetarian food, it's nice that you do.

  4. I do like to see the butterflies. Nice. Glad you got a meal fixed for you. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Beautiful butterfly Bob.

    Good of your daughter to come and cook you a meal. Shame she didn't enjoy it, but I bet she enjoyed cooking it for you.

  6. Hi Bob,
    This is a butterfly that I did not know! Nice shot... Cool to have your kids cooking for you... I'm far away from this as she is only 4 and a half, although she likes to cook!