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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Found by the water.

Common Sandpiper
Lesser Black-backed Gull
I went out this morning in search of the Bullfinches, but as you can see, I didn't get one. I can hear their call, but it was really quite gloomy and rainy. So, I went back home. Brilliant, no, I rang a mobility scooter dealer, so I can get rid of it. I've got two of of them, and I think that its bad to have so many. But, it turned rather a nice day, so I couldn't go out on this marvelous afternoon, Drat it!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, wonderful! A red knot (in the first pic), they are my absolute favorite. Ah, then I immediately think of the sea - thanks!

  2. Cute shots, love the Sandpiper!

  3. Eileen, the Sandpiper is "cute",

    Joo, thanks you.