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Thursday 11 February 2010

Brambling at New Fancy, Forest of Dean

I had awakening this morning, just when I nearly fell asleep. It came right here, and when they had of left without us, nonevents I claim. The Brambling............... What a load of drivel I'm speaking.


  1. Cool looking bird and great shots, BOB!

  2. I've seen the bird before, but it's name is new for me:)
    They are very rare here.

  3. Eileen, it is cool.

    Joo, they are rare too. The name is a Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla).

  4. This is one cool looking bird. I had not seen anything like it over here.

    Here is the answer I left under your comment about my house wren picture.

    We have two types of wrens here. The House Wren is the plain jane of the two. The other is the Carolina Wren who is about the same overall except maybe a bit larger but it is more colorful in the shades of brown and it is a lot more perky. There are two of them here and their mates most of the summer and the Carolina is the more adventuresome.

  5. Impressive Bob- one of your most incomprehensible statements :-) Lovely photos though.

  6. Didn't understand a word Bob, but great shots of the 'elusive' (for me that is) Brambling. FAB