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Sunday 3 January 2010

Wren (Naas Lane, Lydney)

What a tiny bird it is? In fact, it is a bit larger with this winters coldness. It has blown itself out to get away from the cold. It is cold!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely bird - great background too!

  2. I remember as a boy the old farthing it ceased to be legal tender in 1960'
    that was the beginning of my interest in the wren. as it was on the tails of the coin. I always watched out for this little bird in the hedgerows on my way along the lanes to wherever I was going mainly on my way back from school it was also amazing how many there where they are also mainly an unseen bird as they will keep quite still as one is passing. I also remembered watching them catching mayflies to feed the young and how low in the hedge row the nest was. lovely shots bob.

  3. Great shots Bob...not an easy bird to find and photograph. Well done.

  4. Hi Tony, nice story to wake up.

    Trevor, thanks for the comments.

  5. It looks cold:)
    Nice photos - it's a lovely bird indeed!

  6. Hi Bob,
    Wow well done sir, they are not so easy to get!! I've been struggling with them all year around but they never came in the open!! Are you getting cold too.. It was -5°C here this morning but it is going down and down!!

  7. Thanks Joo, your comments are very good.

    Chris, well I have to say that (today 4th), our temperature was -6.5 centigrade, and it was foggy, not good taking photographs.

  8. Tiny bird, but big in voice.
    Lovely shots Bob.
    Makes me wonder how they survive this freezing weather.