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Monday 23 November 2009

Old times for the pictures

Waxwing. I was asked for by our friendly Chris This one was taken on 12th December, 2008
The Cormorant taken in the summer
and the Black-tailed Skimmer.
It wasn't because it was raining, thought it was a little, but I was kept in by the kindly plastering man, who left me with number of my kitchen units, and went to someone just next door. I am still without the units. And, I was without my daily birding.


  1. Fantastic photos (again!) Bob, I have never seen a Waxwing in real life but it kind of looks velvety, almost painted, if you get what I mean?! Stunning!

  2. A Waxwing looks like statue -wonderful bird, and your photos are superb!

  3. Hi Sharon, I never saw one until last year. In used up my total films that I had with me. And they were good pictures.

    Hi Joo, yes it is beautiful.

  4. Hi Bob,
    Thank you very much... The color version is splendid... I love it!! You got it very well mate! I love the cormorant too, this is a beautiful portrait. We cannot get that close to them over here, they flee as soon as one comes really close.

  5. Chris, I got my best pictures(Cormorant) by about 10 metres. It was scared of dogs; and for me, he didn't seems to mind. I thought that he was a friend.

  6. 10m, yeh, that's what I said, you will never get that close over here!