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Sunday 29 November 2009

Fieldfare (The Marshes, Lydney)

The Fieldfare is a beautiful bird, unfortunatey it doesn't stay very long. But, while they are eating their meal, we will have some quick snaps.


  1. Indeed, a beautiful bird Bob, and not easy to get close to.

  2. So that's what they look like, always see them as a blur, thanks again.

  3. Hi Bob.
    it is a beautiful bird that I've seen once over here. But it is quite rare in Iceland, veryf ew birds are seen over a year!

  4. Hi Keith, your right, they are hard to get a picture, even then I was well camouflaged, and it knew where I was.

    Adrian, they are terribly difficult.

    Chris, yes, they are the most beautiful.

  5. Hi Bob.
    I have yet to see one this Autumn...maybe I need to get out more.

  6. Hi Trevor, that's terrible. They will make it there after us.

  7. Nice photos Bob - yet another bird I've never seen!

  8. Hi Sharon, they will turn up, or will they?

  9. Hello

    I live in Nottingham and have never seen a Fieldfare before but I have had two in my garden today!! They spent all day alternating between a Cotoneaster tree and a Crab apple which has a few old fruits on, they had a drink from my pond and also a bit of a bath in my shallow water feature. It is extremly cold here as elsewhere. Is it normal for them to search for food in a city garden? I am not far from farm and woodland which I assume is their normal habitat.