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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Blackbird at home

I stayed at home until 2.00pm, when I went to the Ford dealer, just because they are a motability car garage. I was looking at the best in automatic, and the easiest to fit a steering ball. The price is a problem, so I went to the cheapest. Well, it's like "if the cap fits".


  1. Aah the good old Blackbird, nice photos Bob

  2. Wonderful shots Bob... They are expanding over here. I remember that when we arrived in Iceland in 2002, they were quite rare, nowadays they are everywhere downtown, but still did not manage to get a nice shot :-)

  3. well thats two blackbirds in one evening Nice one,. Adrian shot one in Cornwall.
    there is a blackbird nesting every year in my garden in Mid wales also A thrush who insists on nesting in the thorn bush in the front garden the council are soon going to widen the road and it will loose its nesting place.

  4. So that's what they should look like!