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Saturday 17 October 2009

A female Wigeon (Cannop Ponds)

This one isn't very good, occasionally it's good with the weather, but not when I to photograph something. My excuse for bad photographs. Anyway, it was the only first to appear in my blog.


  1. I have been spider hunting after I saw all the webs about problem is they seem to only come out in the morning. to get a good shot I will have to grow another 6ft so I can stand in the canal and get a shot with the sun behind me. the ones I have are not bad . yesterdays duck is a superb shot.i also find sometimes i take a load of shots , not until I actualy put it on the blog then enlarge with a click do I see the Quality and usually the first shot is the best. like the one I got today of the flies on a sheeps carcass, will go back tomorrow with a mask and the macro lens the colors of the flies are so bright. what we do to get a shot for our blogs, I don't know, if my missus found out I prance around a stinking carcuss she would confiscate the camera.

  2. I'm sure that your "missus" will understand your search for the stinkiest in all the world!