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Wednesday 14 October 2009

The death of the Cormorants

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  1. Hi Bob,
    First congrats for the pictures, they are beautiful....
    It looks like this is happening everywhere and I think there is a big discussion in Europe on this topic for example. Cormorant were protected and are still I think (not sure), but they are now in huge numbers in some countries, so huge that government are issuing hunting quotas to reduce their numbers!!! I think they are thinking about it in France for example.....
    People tend to forget that populations will eventually collapse or reduce by their own, just due to autoregulation!!! Nature knows it way!

  2. My policy is to just start taking photographs of the hunters, twice now they have simply melted away. Herons will be next. As water becomes less polluted then of cause they thrive but so do the fish. Some wildlife appears to require culling. Deer, rooks, rabbits, at least it should be law that what is shot is eaten.

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  4. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  5. It is still illegal to shoot cormorant, and although I may be wrong I don't think a licence would have been issued to a fishery in any case. I would not advise anyone to approach someone with guns but I would advise calling the cops and asking for an officer to attend, tel 08450901234 for Glospol control room.

  6. Brian, that's very nice of you. I can understand it, coming from one who knows so much.

  7. Hi Bob.

    That is a superb photograph of the Cormorant.
    It is a sad fact that many thousands of birds are shot each year. Most legally like the game birds and wildfowl but many I suspect like the Cormorants and Raptors are not.

  8. I think that we are a big community of birdwatchers, we can overcome this illegal habit. If anybody can join us, by writing to me.

  9. Hi Bob, Unless the authorities can be persuaded to take action, next to nothing will happen.
    Not being defeatist but I hope realistic. The establishment shoots, peasants, pheasants and I suspect the majority would have trouble distinguishing between my examples.
    Not too long ago I seem to recall one of our royal princes taking pot shots at a raptor. Don't recall his being beheaded!
    I will willingly report any such activity with pictures, vehicle registrations, time and location. Not really a problem getting pictures most of us have good long lenses.
    All the best with this.

  10. Thanks Adrian, what you say, is a perfect way with the long lenes.