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Saturday 3 October 2009

Chaffinch (New Fancy, Forest of Dean)

Went along to New Fancy where they have the Goshawks mating dance. But it is the wrong time. I heard the Common Crossbills sending their feeding music, it is so loud and deep. But, I didn't catch them. I was stuck with the Chaffinches, they got bigger and bigger, as they were getting something to eat.


  1. Lovely little birds these Bob. Good feather detail.

  2. well I thought I had done better ,
    nice shots again Bob. most of the shots I am getting on the reed bed pond are the other side about 100 ft away. the purple gallinule is so rare here. I would love to get a close up shot.while its here maybe it will stay a couple of months then I will have the long range lens.