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Saturday 8 August 2009

Orb web spider (Moseley Green)

I thought it was time to put a spider on the blog. It's very cuddly, isn't it?


  1. Your photos are really good. Ann from Shetland.

  2. Thanks Ann, I think that it would be better if I came up to the Shetlands. But, I do it if I can.

  3. We live in Yorkley in the winter usually. You would love Shetland, the buildings are very well equipped with access and the wildlife is unbelievable.Have a croft on the Isle of Whalsay up from the sea.May/June is the best time to come, the light can be quite translucent and it's light up to 11pm.We get killer whales sometime float past.Let me know when you want to come, the Shetlanders have a tradition of being very welcoming.

  4. Hi Sheltie
    Thanks very much,I will try to make it next year. By the way, do they let out accommodation for disabled people.

  5. Bob - the website I told youabout was I intend doing some photography soon but I've been in hospital and now back in action forwinter in the Forest.