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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lapwings at Naas Lane, Lydney

I knew I'd get much closer, the only thing is, £3.500 for another lens. So, if you want to give it to me, then I would really love it. Why, where have you gone......................


  1. Cool shots of the Lapwing. I would love to have one of those lenses too.

  2. Hi Eileen, I thought that you would sponsor one, oh well, I'll have to try somewhere else, hee hee.

  3. Hi Bob,
    These shots are already nice, why do you want a bigger lens ;-) Yeh I know don't answer that ;-)

  4. Hi Chris, you answered it yourself.

  5. Bob, horrendous money aren't they. Have a look at sigma stuff. A prime fast Olympus lens £5k Sigma version £1.2k. Not as fast but worth a look.

  6. Adrian, I am a sigma hater, every thing about them is bad. I had a sigma, which I am so surprised that they are allow them at all. It was in shooting a film one day, it got very bad, in fact I had to stop. They had it back in their menders. It was a 6 months later, after a numerous telephone calls, they said you had lost it, in fact it went in the great fire at sigma HQ. But I didn't listen to them any more, apart from 6 months it wasn't as if I had to mended. I still had to pay them for mending it, they to were to give me a camera lens.

  7. So far I've not had any direct dealings with them, thank heaven! The 50mm-500mm I purchased last year is a bit clunky and the auto focus is a joke. A thousand pounds is a lot of money but it has opened up a whole new world. When my wild life shots get half as good as yours then I may decide to change, would love a Zuiko long lens.
    What are Tamron like?

  8. Adrian, I quite the look of Tamron, I have macro lens. But I haven't seen the largest, so I dunno.

  9. Horses for courses Bob if you have a good local independent store they will have stuff to let you try. You may have to rent it but that's cheaper than the alternative of being landed with a useless piece of gear.

  10. When I win the lottery Bob, I'll treat ya!
    Till then, nothing wrong with these shots mate.
    Just curious, but what lens do you use?

  11. I agree with holdingmoments I wish I had taken some of your shots.
    One of my lenses has gone kaput on me nothing here in Egypt for lenses I have to rely on people to take this back and wait for its return.
    I may come back to the uk when the weather gets warmer a two week vacation to look around Adrians favorite shop Jessops to get a nose on a decently priced long range lens.
    May even try E-bay. but not from here no guarantee on anything arriving here safely via postage or carriers.

  12. Hi Keith, the answer to yours is, Canon ef 400-100 ls. It's the same as yours, looking at your picture.
    Oh, thanks a lot for your kind gesture.

    Hi Tony, don't go to Jessops, it is outstanding for those who look after their money.