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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
There is a photo of a Sparrowhawk. And the Grey Wagtail by Callum Bushell on our Guest Photos.



Friday, 14 May 2010

Chiffchaff at Wild Lydney

The most wonderful thing about a Chiffchaff, is their constant chirping.


  1. It certainly is Bob lol
    Lovely shots too. Have a good weekend.

  2. And you Keith.

    Thanks Silvia.

  3. That is one of my problems Bob I only have 50% hearing in one year. so I miss a lot on what bird I am looking for I hear a vague sound but I rely mainly on movement. once I see the bird And am looking in the right direction I hear the sound.
    I should have heard the Thrush Nightingale but that was far off only by chance did I see it on the wires. had to get off the road because two cars where racing. but by their stupidity I saw the bird.
    happy birding for the weekend,

  4. Thanks Joo.

    Tony, I'm stroke sufferer, then I believed you with a 50 % hearing its really tough to hear, that could been and missed the Nightingale. But if you don't understand me, that is a part of a Stroke.

  5. I always love seeing photos of this sweet little bird. The name alone is fun!

  6. Liliana, thanks.

    Kelly, their song is precious.