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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mistle Thrush (Wild Lydney)

Back to the birds. Have you been to the RSPB's Big Garden Watch. I am sorry, but it only for Britain. Maybe everone in whole world could do it?


  1. Nice ones of the thrush, I have my own big garden here Bob no one to share it with a whole flock of saunders tern came over my flat today only got a far shot of them though.

  2. Cool idea Bob, the whole world doing a BIG garden birdwatch - imagine the results!
    Nice photos of the Thrush - we now have a pair of Song Thrushes visiting every day, hope to post some photos of them tomorrow.

  3. One of my favourites Bob..thanks for posting. I'll have to do our garden count tomorrow..sometime!

  4. Lovely shots Bob.
    Great idea for a worldwide Garden Watch. Imagine the results.

    Doing my garden one now actually. The Starlings are in the lead with 14; Blackbirds second, with 6.

  5. Beautiful Bob, and with a nice light and a splendid attitude... I never managed to see that one!!!