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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Collared Doves playing with the snow?

It was too much for the Collared Doves, all bloated out, and it was too much for me, the cold, cold, cold and the snow as far as you can dream about. It meant that I couldn't go out today, which was ok, because I had plenty to do on the computer. I was working at the Whales Revenge. So, get with it, and your fingers will feel much more beneficial.


  1. I have a couple of Doves living in my garden and they seem pretty pleased despite the weather! They are beautiful birds, aren't they?

  2. Good shots and beautiful bird!

    It seems to be cold and snow everywhere. Just heard from the radio that last time here in Helsinki was this much of snow was in the 1960-s.

  3. Lovely captures Bob.

    Signed too :)

  4. How cold!
    Today arrived in Spain a wave of freezing cold. But to the south will not. I'll be out to see snow this winter?

  5. Your collared doves are similar to our mourning doves who fluff themselves up to stay warm. Nice photos indeed.

  6. Sussi, thats what our radio has said!

    Thanks Keith

    They said it was cold there, in Spain?

    Thanks Abraham.