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Monday, 7 December 2009

Treecreeper (Cyril Hart Arboretum, Forest of Dean)

It was raining all day, so I didn't take any photographs. It is yet another one from my archives. I was looking through my "archives", when I stumpled upon this one.


  1. That is such a clear pic. nice one I love the word stunpled. is it a foresters word. the grand children come up with words like this. Mary the youngest is a forester and proud to be one , last time I saw here While cuddling up on the settee one morning she came out with.Grandad! Do you know why I am a forester,
    no I replied. cus I wus born there. up pipped my grandson. I am a forester then. very wise is mary. listens to everything, no yom not. youm wus born in Glaster cos youm a problem child, then he got upset and I had to explain He was abig baby and his mum had a problem delivering him.lydney hospital did not do problem children. then he went off to his mum booing. ah well nice memories,

  2. Bob yet another clear shot. Actually puts the photo in my bird book to shame. Yours usually do come to think.

  3. Really nice shot Bob!
    Have a nice week ahed:)

  4. Hi Tony, a nice story.

    Adrian, well, thank you for your comments.

  5. Hi Joo, it's nice to see your back, Where did you go?

  6. Looks like your archives are still hiding some nice shots. Happy that you got back on a really hard bird to get!! Raining too here and a really cold wind!

  7. Hi Chris, we've been wet and cold, but, we're expecting a nice spell of weather........

  8. What a delightful bird, a charming study.

    My best wishes,

  9. Nice shot here Bob. They don't stay still for long so well done for getting a clear sharp shot.