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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pied Wagtail (Cyril Hart Arboretum)

How do you know what sex it is?


  1. This is a beautiful bird. I have never seen one here where I live.

    All of the birds I take pictures of actually have to fly into my small backyard in order for me to photograph them.

    I spent much of today, and it is very cold here, watching and taking pictures of a young or immature Sharp-shinned hawk. And later on today, when my granddaughter came home from school she told me, "Grandpa I just saw a large hawk fly into the backyard."

    I turned around in my chair and saw this magnificent "adult" Sharp-shinned hawk looking at me from the white oak tree branch not 10 feet from my face. I just had to smile and say to the hawk, "Well, look at you."

    I got some photos of it too.

  2. Hi Abraham, I look forwards to see them coming soon.

  3. not sure how you tell the sex of a wagtail. maybe she puts maskara on her eye lashes. and still it would be hard to tell unless you actually saw her putting it on.
    what I am saying is only if you can catch them mating.

  4. Hi Tony, you won't test it like that..............ha ha

  5. Great shots Bob, with great detail.

  6. Nice shots of the knocker I see you managed to keep this pied still. Like I did this morning caught mine through a hole in the wall.

  7. Bob as usual you put my pictures to shame. In answer to your question wait till spring and look which does most work, that'll be her.