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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
There is a photo of a Bewick's Swan . And the Female Kestrel by Callum Bushell on our Guest Photos.



Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mallard Ducks (Lydney Boating Lake)

The Forest was no good, Parkend was the same, Speech House it was too full up with cars, so I went back and try a few in Lydney. It was lovely day. But, I couldn't find anything, but I felt a loyalty to my blog, so I had these instead. So, I kept on snapping away.

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want


  1. And glad you did Bob, these ducks are beautiful, the colours of their feathers stand out in the sunny light!

  2. Lovely images Bob... Mallards are always lovely to see.

  3. I cant always get what i want either Bob, especially when it comes to the weather :-)

  4. Mallards, and all the ducks, have a beautiful sweetness in their eyes. Boys already have their winter shawl, this so attractive, iridescent green...
    Thank you Bob for these lovely photos.

    Nice end of sunday !

  5. Awesome closeups of the mallards, Bob!

  6. They are common but very beautiful.

  7. ...But you get what you need!

  8. You are a true artist...
    The colours, the light...perfect!
    And the music...wonderfulll..because it is realy so.


  9. Mallards are always good subjects Bob; and these are excellent.

  10. They are very nice Bob.... colors and sharpness are very good.

    Greetings, Joop

  11. You got the ducks!!! The last one was so great. Have a nice week to you.

  12. Que impresionantes fotos...eres todo un artista.

    Muchas gracias por tu visita a mi blog

    un fuerte abrazo


  13. Me again, Bob.You should visit Rathlin, it's much closer from your place than mine, and yes, it is a paradise:)

  14. wonderful decision - brilliant series Bob !!!



  15. The light was perfect. Very nice job

  16. You take the best photos! Love these guys!

  17. We are so glad you stick with your blog. That bottom image of the Mallard Duck, what a BEAUTY, the lighting on the body, the colours shown brilliantly~

  18. They are lovely Bob! Thank you for not giving up!

  19. On a Sunday, no wonder you were not alone!!
    Not ideal to take animal pictures!!
    Nevertheless, your ducks are great, I love the water drops on the plumage!

    The other day, also a Sunday!, we were trying to take pics of vultures having spotted a dead dear, but everything was against us: a shepard packed his flock right where the dear was and went chasing off the 10 vultures that had come for a closer look...
    We waited over an hour for the sheep to move on and when the vultures started to fly back over our heads, 2 (not one) gliding planes flew into the vulture's flight ring... starting their engines!
    Ok... more waiting!
    Once they were gone, we thought we had at last a chance! Well no, an idiot came along and stood with his camera by a pole to try pictures a lot closer than us and the vultures flew off to some rocks, further.
    Believe it or not, this same idiot ran after them to try a couple of shots!!
    After 3 hours, we said "ciao" to our friends and went off to takes rare dragonflies, lower in a peat-moss water hole!!
    Conclusion, never again on a Sunday!! :)
    Hope I made you laugh a bit! LOL!
    Keep well and good luck!

  20. Well done Bob, great images of a duck that is almost taken for granted. Personaly I think they are a beautiful subject to photograph...[;o)

  21. Awesome colors, beautiful birds, Bob. And, that's true, we cant always get what we want but we should always keep trying... :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    By the way, I was at the bottom of the cliff on that pic... :))))

  22. You can say that is common, that is usuall photos, birds...but they are not. I found very intersting
    with those water drops, their soft eyes and light!
    My compliments, Bob!

  23. Beautiful ducks. I like photos.
    Greetings from Romania

  24. All your photos are marvelous and a pleasure to view, and it is amazing how varied a rising or a setting sun can appear from day-to-day.

  25. absolutely beautiful!
    i love your duck shots!