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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Slimbridge flamingos.

A young Caribbean Flamingo. This one was taken at Slimbridge WWT.
I HAD TO STAY IN WAITING FOR AN ELECTRIAN TO MEND MY WATER. Don't ask me why an electrician, when it should have been to send a plumber, well, it is...........oh, because I have no energy!


  1. you have totally confused me Bob!!!

    Nice Flamingo's anyway mate :-)

  2. I like flamingo's...good picture Bob.

    greetings, Joop

  3. What plummer electrician, and where is the place of the flamingo there ;-) Beautiful shot Bob!

  4. Bob, I was in Forest of Dean in July and I didn't spot flamingos, not even one!!!!
    Good luck with electicians and plumbers!!! Are they going to be Polish workers, by the way?

  5. I like them too, Joop.

    Whoops. Chris I don't know, hee hee.

    Joo, you want Slimbridge, it is a drive from Forest of Dean. You should stopped, and have a gas about things. No, he was an English worker.

  6. Mr Bob,
    It is an electric water pump ?
    We have to get the plumber electrician to fix a couple of such electric water pumps in the factory a couple of months back !
    It is a dangerous job as water don't mix with electricity !

  7. Lovely shot Bob.

    Hope you got your water sorted out.

  8. Thanks Keith, yes, I got it fixed.

  9. It's a perfect shot! Eye to eye ... the young guy watches your mechanic ... lol**

  10. Lovely Flamingos! I've only viewed them in our zoo.
    Don't you hate it when your water breaks?

  11. Great frame, What pretty with those as long necks.

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