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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
There is a photo of a Sparrowhawk. And the Grey Wagtail by Callum Bushell on our Guest Photos.



Thursday, 8 July 2010

Holly Blue butterfly (Lydney, the Marshes)

The Holly Blue, that leaves it's eggs in a holly bush/tree. It was a bit strange, as it flies April-May and August-September. But not in July, or so my books say.


  1. Can not really rely on books if you took the photo in july it must have been where it was. but nice shots bob for a butterfly that is not there.

  2. Lovely shots again Bob.
    I get these flying in my garden. Little beauties.

  3. Nice one Tony.

    Keith, your lucky, it doesn't come to mine, maybe it is small.

  4. Great photos Bob.
    When I first saw the title I thought "HOLY Blue Butterfly Batman!" and it reminded me of Batman and Robin.
    Maybe I should seek help...

  5. Chris, thanks.

    Um, I don't .............Dave.

  6. Nice one Bob and it sat still for you. My ID guide says 2nd flight from July - Sept.

  7. Ciao Bob,batterfly are and magnificent.

    P.S.I know you love very nature, if you're interested send me your address because I send you copies of some of my DVD of the BBC on the nature (also in English and free). My e-mail address is