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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
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Monday, 22 March 2010


I had to stay in all day because, somebody had stolen my bank details, on the internet. The trouble was, that I or the bank, will never find out who had used it. It was William Hills, the bookies, which I don't believe it...........


  1. Sorry to hear that Bob..Hope you get it all back.
    Lovely shots of the colourful Shelduck.

  2. Thanks Trevor, but the bank had done it already.

  3. Let's hear it for the internet! Scary place at times, eh?
    Love the Shelduck shots, though I still can't see the shell...

  4. I'm sorry Bob, an awful situatin!
    The photos are lovely.

  5. The Shelduck is great, Bob. A small consolation for your loss, I know.

    Hope you do get something back. Do we now have to take insurance on our savings too?
    I don't use the internet for banking. Your situation only confirms why I never trusted it.

    Hopefully you can get out again.
    Good Luck.

  6. Yea Dave, but the shell is all around.

    Joo, it's awful. But we'll survive.

    Yoke, the Shelduck is my consolation.

  7. A terrible thing to happen Bob. I hope it all gets sorted for you.

    Great pictures.

  8. All has been done, thanks Keith.