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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

No, I've never heard of the Hawfinches on a bird table.

Picture by Richard Smart who was visiting his mother-in-laws house in Lydney. When he told me about it, I thought that the whole world had turned gone mad. But here it is, as plain as you can see.
Mandarin Duck
Little Grebe
After that, I'll have to rummage about in the past!


  1. Bob, this morning I saw woodpecker on a bird table in my garden - I couldn't believe my eyes!
    The ducks are really handsome, by the way:)

  2. That is amazing, the Hawfinch, I have never seen one. I love the Mandarine ducks, even the females are pretty.

  3. Joo, great woodpecker, you will never forget what is happening, maybe its changing times.

    Lydmiranda, you'll see it, honest.

  4. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great shots Bob. Like your namesake sang "The Times Are a Changin'"

  6. Bill, it's good to be sharing.

    Trevor, Dylan was his surname.

  7. Bob Glad I popped by to see how it should be done, was beginning to think I may have cracked this birding business. Nice to know I still have so much to learn.

  8. I can only confirm this, because we have had them in our feeders. The apartment was right next to a park, perhaps because they had already lost their shyness. Hunger drives the most fantastic flowers ...

  9. You have so many different and beautiful birds over there! I have never heard of a Hawfinch, and it is just gorgeous! Nor have I ever seen a Mandarin Duck. By the way, I absolutely love your header. It is perfect in every way! ~karen