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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yet another snowy day.

Meadow Pipit
Great Tit
These photographs were take on a sunny day, oh, I do hope for it again!


  1. You did not answer my Q Bob
    can i use one of your photos for my wallpaper.
    I guess you are getting it quite heavy down there my son said Lydney school was closed for the day,

  2. I did answer the question, just drop me a line on my email. I'm sure that the email works. I believe that I can remember your son, he talked about his father. Anyway, just tell me which is the best.

  3. So do I Bob! I've almost forgotten how does sun look like.
    Anyway, the middle is my favourite:)

  4. So did I Joo, there is an opening in the climate, they say about Sunday & Monday we get a change.

  5. Bob the snow I must admit to enjoying the snow. It's this damp and dark that gets to me. Won't be long every day now we get another 3 or 4 minutes daylight. If this grey muck can be called daylight.