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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
There is a photo of a Crowned Crane. And the Grey Wagtail by Callum Bushell on our Guest Photos.



Monday, 11 January 2010

Wildfowl for a change?

Barnicle Geese
Common Sandpiper (not a wildfowl)
Coot (One of the Rail family)
I went out, shopping! The first time since it was snowing. And, weather people say that it is only a short respite, and it shall be snowing again. Sounds like a clergy who is practicing for his/her sermon.


  1. Lovely photos Bob - I think Barnacle Geese are the prettiest geese around!

  2. Good for you it stopped at least for a while! Beautiful photos Bob - the last one is my favourite:)

  3. Yes Sharon, that what I think exactly.

    It has stopped for a while, Joo.

  4. Gorgeous shots Bob!!! You are lucky man to get nice shots nowadays, everybody is fighting against the weather ;-)

  5. Chris, thank you, but I don't need it. Most shots are taken when the weather is was nicer, not today.

  6. Those Barnacles are lovely looking geese.
    Hope these weather people are wrong; had enough of this snow now lol