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Monday, 4 January 2010

It was foggy, all day. Actually, it started to get sunny about 2 pm, but it wasn't to be, it only took about 45 minutes and then went away again. Oh, there have been some beautiful days. Oh yes, somebody told me it was really sunlight up in the forest, and I did not go that way. Damn.


  1. Bob, You missed a beautiful day in the forest there were lots of people out and about though. New fancy was packed.

  2. Hi Brian, that's a blind man....................

  3. I understand you well, for us it was exactly, but I had to work and could only see out the window. Your pictures are wonderful, however ... I've got a good night

  4. Bob, the last photo of misty forest is just terrific! By the way, there is anything like snow - come here and you'll see:)

  5. Thanks Isabella, for your comments.

    Hi Joo, I will have to think hard about coming to your country, the snow is beautiful.