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Friday, 8 January 2010

Goldfinch standing up with its feed

I was still at home all day, and bored! And, I am running out of photos. I will go into my archives, that itself is running out. I will have to send some of me...............


  1. lovely shots Bob i'd love to photograph these but haven't seen them in my garden in years.

  2. also archives contain sights, as you can see! Wonderful shots. I have long not seen in the wild. A nice weekend for you, Bob.

  3. Nice Goldies Bob. We are down in numbers this year in the garden but still have a couple on the feeder.

  4. Lucky you, I haven't seen them here! Looking forward to see some photos of you:)

  5. What a bird! I love the Goldfinch.

  6. Hi Steve, you not getting the birds in your garden, that's a drag, because there are many flying, you must be trying too hard!

    Isabella, have a nice weekend to you.

    Trevor, they come to the niger seeds for feeding.

    Joo, I'm too scared to send you that sort of photo, I think it comes under "horror films".

    Hi Jim, I love them too.

  7. Bob, keep bailing them out they are near perfect. It won't last long then new motor and old camera will show us all up.

  8. Excellent shots Bob.
    Not seen my garden ones for a few days now :(