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Saturday, 5 December 2009

What is the Magpie wearing?

It is the best way to make friends, it must be a shortcut or longcut?


  1. I have never noticed the curve on the end of the beak before.
    we had a lot of magpies on the small holding, they became quite a nuisance especially when we had the young chicks in the spring time.wont go into the other things they got up to. but they are a pretty bird though.
    took the pied wagtails off and like all the other birds are now on the birdinginegypt blog,
    almost finished it now just a few small birds I can not find the names of. the sunlight plays games with the colours. and makes it hard to Identify the species .some also change plumage in the winter adding a further task to id.
    I have put A ?? on the ones I am having a problem with.

  2. Magpie is a common bird also here, a couple of them is always "investigating" our garden.

    Clever birds, one morning the birdbath was on ice and I noticed them to cut the ice to get some water to drink.

  3. Hi Tony, I wondered where the pied wagtail was, but now I know.

    Hi Sussi, They are very clever indeed.