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Monday, 28 December 2009

Song Thrush (Naas Lane, Lydney)

You would like to go down to Naas Lane; a lovely scene, full of old furniture that no one wants, broken glass and throw away plates & forks. But, not everything there is dirty, like the birds. There are numerous amounts of them at this time of the year. I like it.....


  1. Terrific shots, as usually:)
    Nice week to you!

  2. Its the same every where bob the birds are having to live in our mess just to survive, its strange how they adapt to our dirty surroundings.

  3. I agree with Tony here Bob. Good job the birds can brighten the mess of the world made by people.
    A Song Thrush brightens anywhere with his song. Good captures.

  4. Joo, thanks, and have a beautiful week to you.

    Tony and Keith, there has to be something that every person think about he/she is doing?

  5. Compliments of the Season to you Bob. Thank you for your comments on the Wren post.
    Lovely write up and nice pic too.Just the perfect bird for Xmas.


  6. I Like dirty birds Bob.;-)

    Seriously though, I think flytippers should have thier hands cut off!

    lovely Thrush pics.

  7. Not so severe Bob, they do things like that in an uncivilized world. just force them to live in the mess they make.

    oops" sorry we are talking about Egypt again.
    And of course fly tippers really think about what they do. have you seen them tipping. do the police see them tipping????