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Friday, 18 December 2009

Goldfinch (Forest of Dean)

Things that happened to me today. I was in the forest (Cannop Ponds), eating my lunch, when, out of nowhere came a Buzzard, it landed 10 metres to me, and when I suddenly got all the things together, it moved away, and it was enough for me to see it had a Moorhen.
The other thing that was happened to me, a Stag ran out in front of me, but I was driving. It ran out about 50 metres from me. I was shocked, a few minutes more and I.......................................


  1. It might be called interesting day:)
    Lovely photos here, as usual!
    Nice weekend tou you:)

  2. Hi Joo, have a nice weekend to you as well.

  3. Lovely shots of the Goldfinch Bob.

    You might not have got pictures of the other two moments, but you'll always remember them.

  4. Yes Keith, I've got that moment locked away.