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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Crow family

JackdawCarrion Crow
It was raining all day, so I produced some of the Crow family.


  1. is the jay in the crow family just a query Bob.
    I suppose the magpie is?
    shall look it up . give me something to do.

  2. well that was easy bob and you are right so am I about the magpie'
    its a pity I can not get info like this on birds in Egypt.

    There are six members of the Crow family and the one that is the most common and most easily recognised is the Magpie because of its black and white feathers. The Jay, with its electric-blue and white wings, can also be recognised, but it is not so often seen like the Magpie because of its shy and secretive nature.

    The other birds of the Crow family such as the Carrion Crow, Jackdaw, Raven and Rook look very similar and are sometimes very difficult to tell apart since they are all black birds. However, there are differences: the Carrion Crow has brown coloured eyes and can sometimes be seen flying alone, the Jackdaw has silvery white coloured eyes and silver-grey feathers on its nape and it likes to live close to other Jackdaws, the Raven is a large bird that has shaggy feathers on its throat and the Rook has a greyish skin at the base of its beak after it has reached its sixth month.

  3. Well Tony, you a wizard, a white one I believe.

  4. yes" Bob but I have been here watching birds for so long without A hide I am turning brown even being mistaken for a local on a few occasions. but I know I am white when I have a shower I see this multi coloured wizard in the mirror.

  5. Hi Bob, lovely photos again! I must say that apart from owls the crow family is my favourite! They are so 'wise' and beautiful - especially Jackdaws.

  6. Yes Joo, they are so lovely, and their mischievous habits are truly outstanding.

  7. Incredible pictures.

    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

  8. My favourite family! Fantastic photos Bob.

  9. Really enjoyed seeing all the great shots of your crow family. Drop by my place and see where the leaves a re falling. Those are leaves on the rock.

  10. Claudia, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to you.

    Sharon, they are one of the my favourite birds too.

    LV, have gorgeous new year.

  11. That Jay is a cracker Bob. Excellent shot.