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Saturday, 21 November 2009

A couple of old photos

A Common Pheasant
It is just a baby!


  1. The baby shot is excellent Bob ;-) We do not have pheasant here but they were quite common in France. That was before they were hunted!

  2. Hi Chris, we also have them, but they are hunted for the richest kind. It also should be banned!

  3. The pheasant is beautiful! There are quite common here, but every time I see one I admire their beauty!

  4. you should add its the female pheasant the male is so handsome a bird. I do have a photo that I took one snowy day while visiting friends in Llandinham, will have to dig it out and put it on website. and Chris most Pheasants are now bred by the Estates just for the purpose of Hunting. mainly so that some rich sod can have a days shooting. Its called the estate shoot. If they walked about with a handfull of corn they could catch them by hand but no thats not sport. hire some guys to beet the trees (beaters)
    so they rise out to the clearing so twenty or so guns can put some buck shot in them, and make them unfit for the consumption.
    then the gamekeeper goes down to the rearing pen kills however many and hands a brace (1 male 1 female) to the shooters on leaving who have paid loads a money for a chance to shoot defenseless birds who are reared just for the pleasure of some person with lots of money this payment will or did include a meal in the manor dinning room where they thought they would be eating one of the birds they shot usually a female that incase you do not know has to hang until it gets maggots and thus giving it a gamey taste.
    The money person was fooled again. hooray for the likes of the late Sir Michael Duff. Long live the Pheasant and it would if left to rear on its own in its natural state. but look on the bright side the game keeper has a job and the hard workers of the estate get a bonus in the wage packet for beating the bushes.
    purdy made a fortune making the guns, the list goes on. thanks to the beautiful Pheasant.
    Sorry Bob I am stuck inside today with a bad back again overdid the walk yesterday chasing an elusive a stork.