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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Forest of Dean

The Jay is looking for food, like he's supposed to do.
The Nuthatch is hiding from an intruder, a Sparrowhawk maybe. It was a bad morning, light rain and a bit of mist.
And, this is one of those things.........mushrooms!


  1. Fantastic shot of the Jay!
    I've never seen a Nuthatch and apparently we don't get them over here in Ireland, should have done more to look for one in the UK before moving over here!

  2. Hi,This is very beautiful bird!where did you take it?

  3. I have posted this on another site
    Its just something i have been trying to get out over the past 9 months.
    There are too many places being destroyed for man's greed,
    nothing is being done and one day it will be too late. so many places and creatures our children and grandchildren will not see.
    only 3% of Egypt is arable. only the Nile makes it arable. but every day its getting less and more polluted by this greedy corrupt government. see my website on the problem just here in Luxor.

  4. Great shots the Jay and a little envious of the Nuthatch which I have not seen this year.

  5. Jay is just awesome - beautiful bird!

  6. Superb images Bob, not seen either this year. The Nuthatch is about my standard, Half of one! Hope my incompetence isn't contagious.

  7. Great shot of the Jay! I've never managed anything like that. Well done :)