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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mallard Duck (female)

It was a beautiful day, no grumbling about it. Though, I did a bit of grumbling at my photography, today left me with a Mallard Duck who was going to have a snooze.


  1. Lovely shot Bob, and great detail in the feathers.

  2. A lovely blog you have got going here, I will definitely be keeping an eye on it!

  3. Thanks Anna. I see you haven't a followers column.

  4. Nice one again Bob. been blogging my new blog on our Nile Cruise. then I was having a cuppa on the balcony and an Egret almost flew in to say hello. it landed in the field where a donkey had been rolling so off I went with the camera I got some great picks but only Managed to get 4 picks on, google had decided I had put enough on for one session.
    so look in tomorrow. I got within 10 ft of the birds before they decided I may be a danger to them and flew off.