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Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography

Bob Bushell's Wildlife Photography
There is a photo of a Crowned Crane. And the Grey Wagtail by Callum Bushell on our Guest Photos.



Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I came to a new path being made at Harbour Road, Lydney. Really great, until I found that there was no room for disabled people. They are putting in three "kissing gates", but not the right ones. I'm waiting for them to come along and tell us what they are doing. The meeting is at 3.00pm Wednesday 2nd July at the Harbour Road, the old tip site. There is a tremendous amount of Nature, such as Bee Orchids, Lapwings, Dragonflies, Butterflies, the odd foxes and many more. The land is owned by Network Rail, and Lydney Town Council and Gloucestershire County Council who are helping with it.

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